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Tuesday, July 26th

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Tuesday, July 26th

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Tuesday is the new Friday! Join Shadowbox Live's head writer Jimmy Mak and standup comedian Nickey Winkelman every Tuesday night in the Backstage Bistro. Each week is something different -- from standup comedy, drag shows, sketch comedy, magic, burlesque and more. There’s never a dull moment when you’re spending your Tuesdays with Mak and Winks!

Tuesday, July 26

Michael Kent vs The Scientists

Michael Kent vs The Scientists

Join Magician Michael Kent as he does his best to try to stump scientists Dan Mushalko and Robert Pyatt using prestidigitation (that means sleight of hand). If Michael can stump the scientists, does that mean magic is real?! Come to celebrate science, magic, and the occasional blurring of the lines between the two!

Tuesday, August 2

Time Machine 1984

The Time Machine: 1984

The Time Machine is a comedy show that takes you back in time! This sketch comedy and variety show celebrates one year in history, as we explore that year’s music, movies, news, politics, television, and more!

This time we take you back to 1984, when Reagan was president, the Rain turned Purple, the Ghosts were first Busted, and everyone wanted to know “Where’s the beef?” This humorous visit to 1984 features performances by Gabriel Guyer, Jimmy Mak, Joseph Moorer, and Nickey Winkelman. Plus, enjoy a look back at one of the greatest years in pop music history with special drag performances by Jamz Dean.

Tuesday, August 9

Future Science

Future Science : Live Multimedia Sketch Comedy

Future Science is a live multimedia sketch comedy show featuring live sketches, videos and powerpoint presentations. Absurdist comedy disguised as a TED Talks-like presentation show where four scientists present data they collected from the past, present and future.

Future Science, originally from Cincinnati, is currently on tour throughout the Midwest, and The Backstage Bistro is pleased to be their stop in Columbus, Ohio.

Featuring: Karl Spaeth, Logan Lautzenheiser, Andy Gasper and Wayne Memmott


Tuesday, August 16

Color Me Nina

Color Me Nina

ENCORE PERFORMANCE! Nina West is back at the Backstage Bistro, and this time with special guest Gretta Goodbottom on the piano. An evening of songs and laughs you won’t want to miss!

Tuesday, August 23

This Oughta Be Epic: A Variety Battle Show

This Oughta Be Epic : A Variety Battle Show

“This Oughta Be Epic!” A variety battle show where performers go head to head to see who is the best in their field. See battles in comedy, beatbox, rap, piano, drag, and burlesque. Cheer on who you think should win, laugh, be amazed, and see some skin. Don’t miss it!

Hosted by Dorian Vasquez

Comedy Battle: Jameson Rogers vs Nick Glaser
Beatbox Battle: LethalFX vs KaO
Rap Battle: Doug Gamble vs Colin Ward
Comedy Battle: Dave Burkey vs Wonder Doug
Piano Battle: Dominic Francesco vs Jack Doran
Drag Battle: Sami Sparxx vs Nikki Stone
Drag Battle: Devon Ayers vs Special K
Comedy Battle: Natalie Cuevas vs Bianca Moore
Burlesque Battle: Cherie Blondell vs Dimples Diamond

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