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Saturday, June 17th

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Backstage Bistro

The Late Shift

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Saturday, June 17th

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Saturday, June 17th @ 10:30pm

You have two choices on a Saturday night. Either you’re the kind of person that will stay at home with a warm glass of milk and a Murder She Wrote rerun before you fall asleep in your cold, empty, twin-sized bed at 8:30 … OR you’re ready to get up, go out and dive headfirst into the strange, chaotic fun of late night comedy in the heart of Columbus at THE LATE SHIFT! So don’t be a square - stay up this Saturday night and punch in to THE LATE SHIFT - only at the World Famous Backstage Bistro! Brought to you by Savage Tech.

Saturday, June 17th


Do you like pajamas? Do you like comedy? Do you like monsters somewhere in there? Then Savage Tech has got the show for YOU! Stay up late on Saturday, June 17 for The Sick World of Doctor Show’s Pajama Party Spooktacular, where horror host Doctor Show and cohosts The Creature and Trixie the Dancing Skeleton are throwing the BEST scary sleepover presented in a 1-hour late night sketch comedy show that Columbus has seen to date! Bring your PJs. Wear your monster slippers. Get ready for unexpected thrills, chills, pizza, videos that your mom said will give you nightmares, makeovers, prank calls, and don’t be too loud you guys otherwise we’re gonna get grounded. All that and a guy with a hook for a hand* kicking off the new LATE SHIFT comedy spot, 10:30pm select Saturdays at the WORLD FAMOUS Backstage Bistro!

* Guy with a hook for a hand only shows up if you say his name into the mirror 20 times, so that’s a MAYBE

Saturday, July 1st


This week on THE LATE SHIFT, Savage Tech gets PATRIOTIC in this star-studded variety telethon celebration of all things ‘MURICA! Could there be singing? Dancing? George Washington? Teddy Roosevelt vs. a Bear? All the explosions you can possibly imagine and MORE as this extravaganza shows that July 4th is no July FIRST! Ladies and Gentlemen, Savage Tech presents: The July First America We’re Number One Show! #USA #USA #USA

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