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Tuesday, February 17th

Backstage Bistro

Standup at Shadowbox Presents

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Tuesday, February 17th

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Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to the funniest Columbus. Night brings laughter to the masses. It is so ludicrous, you can only see the smiles. These silly people have already begun gathering at the stage to share their comedy. The hilarious table-hoppers are on the prowl, and the ridiculous radicals may lurk behind a microphone. Standup at Shadowbox Presents...

Tuesday, February 17th


NSFW: Stories of Love, Sex and Awkward Moments

We all have them…those stories of first times, weird times, totally-hot-but-probably-shouldn’t-have-been times, and hilariously memorable moments that you just can’t tell at work or the family dinner table. NSFW features brave local storytellers and comedians telling their tastefully uncensored stories of love, sex and awkward encounters to the stage.

Hosted by Sarah J. Storer
Featuring: #Hashtag Comedy, Lauren Bencaz, Keith Speers, and other special guests

Tuesday, March 10th

Struck a Nerve

Struck A Nerve: The Pop Culture Mixtape

Local comedians and writers sound off on all things popular culture in this unique, experimental comedy show. See everything from humorous essays, to mixed media / Power Point presentations, to character sketches, and more!

Hosted by Dustin Meadows
Featuring: Lisa Berry, Peter Brieck, Brad Keefe, Jackie Mantey, Matt Monta, Laura Sanders, Kamari Stevens & Erik Tait