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Theater Gallery

Backstage Bistro Gallery – You may not realize it but if you are dining in our Backstage Bistro prior to the show you are surrounded by local artwork. So, look up the next time you take a drink of your Backstage Lemonade.

Theater Gallery

Theater Gallery – As you are being ushered to your seat for an amazing show, look to your right or left, that’s right, you can buy local art right here right now! These local talented artists work, live, play and create right here in town! The perfect gift for a friend or lover, or take it home to remember your artful evening!

Theater Gallery

Boutique Gallery – We want you to get that funny t-shirt or shot glass, of course, BUT it could be that special art that just touches you at a deeper level. Cap your evening with art following you home and living in your space now!

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