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Saturday, June 24th

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Longform Saturday Night

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Saturday, June 24th

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It's a play, made up on the spot, based on your suggestions. The technical term is "longform," but you're welcome to just call it "fun, hilarious, comedy." Featuring talented improvisers from groups across the city, Longform Saturday Night is the perfect way to cap off (or continue!) your weekend. $5

Saturday, June 24th

Longform Saturday Night, Ep 2: Murder Mystery!

Whodunnit!? Nobody knows, not even the cast. It’s a Murder Mystery, made up on the spot, and based on your suggestions. $5

Saturday, July 22nd

Longform Saturday Night, Ep 3: the Facebook Show!

Can the cast make up a play based on one of the audiences Facebook feed? Find out in episode three of Longform Saturday Night! $5

Saturday, August 19th

Longform Saturday Night, Ep 4: the 80’s Show!

Iconic John Hughes movies, epic kid adventures and totally radical fashion. The cast will improvise a play reminiscent of your favorite 80s moments. Just $5!

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