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Wednesday, February 22nd

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Hashtag Comedy

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Wednesday, February 22nd

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#Hashtag Comedy is a rag-tag bunch of improv comedians putting on improv and variety shows in Central Ohio. Each show is unique, guaranteeing that audiences will be seeing something new, fresh and funny, no matter if it's their first #Hashtag show or fiftieth.

Wednesday, February 22nd

hashtag in love

The Hashtag Comedy Improv Show ft. Vivian Von Brokenhymen

She’s one of the most notorious drag queens in Columbus and she joins Hahstag Comedy for a night of hilarious fun. The best part? It’s all made up, based on your suggestions. Just $5.

Wednesday, March 1st

The Hashtag Comedy Improv Show ft. Scopes (Dana Mobley)

Scopes Mobley is one of the most polarizing hip hop aritists in Columbus. He also happens to be hilarious. Come support one of Columbus’ longtime aritsts as he joins Hashtag Comedy for on-the-spot goodness. Just $5.

Wednesday, March 8th

The Hashtag Comedy Improv Show ft. The Meet-Up All Stars

What happens when one improv comedian holds a weekly open jam? He puts together a unique blend of comedians and performers who want to make you laugh. See what happens when the All-Stars take the stage with Hashtag Comedy for some first-time-last-time comedy. $5.

Wednesday, March 15th

The Hashtag Comedy Improv Show ft. Joel Savage

He’s a former Shadowbox performer, the brains behind SavageTech and one of the brightest comedic minds in Columbus. Watch as he joins Hashtag Comedy for some improv comedy goodness. $5.

Wednesday, March 22nd

The Hashtag Comedy Improv Show ft. Nickey Winkelman

She’s the host of Tuesday night’s Mak and Winks show at the Backstage Bistro, a sketch-writing wiz and a brilliant standup comedian. Oh, and she happens to be an amazing improv comedian as well. Join Hashtag Comedy as Nickey Winkelman guests in with the group for some on-the-spot comedy! $5

Wednesday, March 29th

The Hashtag Comedy Improv Show ft. Brian “Hafrican” Earley

Ridiculously funny and poignant hip hop artist Brian “Hafrican” Earley joins Hashtag Comedy for a night of music, games and entertainment, all designed to make you laugh and experience some of the best art in Columbus. Just $5!

Wednesday, April 5th

The Hashtag Comedy Improv Show: HASHTAGMANIA IV

$10 SPECIAL ENGAGEMENT! 40 improvisers, 8 teams, one champion. Experience what happens when Wrestlemania meets improv comedy and your vote chooses the winning team. Jae Esquire live DJs the event while comedians Matt Stout and Bianca Moore host. It’s the premiere improv event in Columbus…don’t miss it!

Wednesday, April 12th

The Hashtag Comedy Improv Show ft. the HASHTAGMANIA IV Champions

You saw them win last week in Hashtagmania IV, now see their victory lap as they take the stage with Hashtag Comedy for some improvised goodness. Just $5!


Kenny Greer

Kenny Greer

Kenny originally came to Hashtag shows for one reason, and one reason only: to get the girl. And he did. It just so happens he’s funny, too. So we asked him to join. He said yes. The rest is history.

Sara "The Boosh" Greer

Sara “The Boosh” Greer

“The Boosh” might be the youngest member of Hashtag Comedy, but her knack for searing one-liners and sardonic quips is timeless. She’s also a whiz at freestyle rap.

Joseph Moorer

Joseph M. Moorer

“Cat-hating Devil Man.” This is literally a phrase an audience member once used to describe Joe and now he will not allow us to write anything else about him in his bio.

Kean Reid

Kean Reid

Kean is an actual chemist who brings his smarts and dry humor to the stage, and compliments it all with a comedic physicality some have called “gloriously spastic chicken.” So you’re just as likely to hear him make an accurate math joke as you are to see him give a spot on impression of a used car sales lot floaty-man.

Paul Stelzer

Paul Stelzer

Paul is a bottomless pit of odd, yet accurate historical facts, sports trivia and old 70’s rock songs. Mix this archive of knowledge with a finely tuned deadpan delivery style and you’ll know why audiences love to see Paul “let it go.”

Sarah J. Storer

Sarah J. Storer

With over a decade of experience, it’s no wonder Sarah has the number one rule of improv tattooed on her body. And no, that rule is NOT, “Point at your body parts while grinning madly,” as some have come to suspect.

Matthew White

Matthew White

Matt is weird. We don’t know if that’s because he’s a lawyer or not. Either way, count on Matt to utter things in public that most grown men would be ashamed to think, let alone say in front of a crowd.

Clay Vansickle

Clay Vansickle

Clay is a master of accents, clever asides and full beards. As one of the newer and younger members of the crew, he also routinely one-ups the team on stage with his quick wit, which other members insist is inspiring and not at all humiliating.

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