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Shadowbox Live® pays tribute to two changelings who revolutionized music, fashion, and pop culture with Evolutionaries: The Stories and Music of David Bowie and Prince.

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"Don't bother waiting for Shadowbox Live to host its annual "best of" show. To see what the troupe is capable of at the highest level, just go see Evolutionaries. The show is a tribute to two artists who died last year, Prince and David Bowie. That doesn't mean it's a dutiful summary of their lives and works. Under Julie Klein's skillful direction, the show keeps the emphasis squarely where it belongs, on the music, which remains as fresh and alive as ever. The songs are framed with a few anecdotes about the musicians and video excerpts from television interviews with them. Writer Jimmy Mak occasionally draws parallels between the two, but for the most part, the show's makers let each number create a world of its own, without trying to force them into an artificial framework, so the evening can present a rich tapestry of moods."

"Shadowbox Live has created a new art form of sorts with its musical tribute shows. Past efforts and the musicians they celebrated include Mad Dog and Englishman (Joe Cocker), Which One’s Pink? (Pink Floyd) and Bigger Than Jesus (the Beatles). The current Evolutionaries differs from its predecessors by celebrating two artists, Prince and David Bowie, both of whom were lost prematurely in 2016. Otherwise, it follows the established pattern by offering great music accompanied by dancing, vintage video footage and enlightening tidbits of information. With two groundbreaking careers to cover, Evolutionaries could well have run much longer than its two hours and 15 minutes. One way that director Julie Klein and head writer Jimmy Mak keep it to a comfortable length is by limiting the biographical material to short statements delivered by narrator Michelle Daniels. Through these we learn, for instance, that Prince suffered from epileptic fits as a child and that young Bowie dreamed of becoming the British Elvis."

"I was genuinely excited when I first heard of Shadowbox Live’s plans to present a tribute show for both David Bowie and Prince. Each are pillars of the 20th … AND 21st Centuries in the Rock n Roll realm, despite having very different approaches musically. While they do share cultural similarities … gender bending … glamorous staging … musical experimentation … and playing to persona … their respective bodies of work vary considerably. But if anyone could mesh these two men’s creativities into one glorious rock show, it’s Shadowbox Live. And Evolutionaries is stellar from the opening salvoes of Bowie’s “Suffragette City” to the closing cries of Prince’s “Purple Rain”. Before things get started Stacie Boord welcomes the crowd and offers a nuanced warning to “super fans” in attendance. The production originally ran almost 4 hours because of both artists’ enormous creative output and successes. So please do NOT expect every “favorite” to be included. I may have chuckled in a somewhat “music elitist” way. Still … running at about 2 hours and 20 minutes, the production includes 25 tunes … 13 by Mr. Bowie and 12 from Prince … pearls all."

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