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Thursday, August 4th

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Columbus Science Pub

Next Performance

Thursday, August 4th

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Food & drink service available before showtime!

The Columbus Science Pub is a free event that aims to present scientific issues in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. No science background? No problem!! Everyone and every question is welcome.

The presentation starts promptly at 7:30pm, if you’d like to order food before the event, please arrive early. A full bar and menu will be available from the excellent Backstage Bistro kitchen!

August 4th

Hops, Water, and Yeast with Actual Brewing’s Fred Lee

Columbus Science Pub is happy to welcome back for August Fred Lee the founder of Actual Brewing. Fred loves mixing beer and science as much as we do! There is a lot of science that goes into crafting a delicious beer, from water chemistry, to cultivating yeast and hops strains. Fred is excited to come down to share some of the long history of brewing starting with home-brewers to the rise of the brew-masters.

Fred started Actual Brewing because he wanted to do something more honest and fun in his career. Actual Brewing has grown into a wonderful community spaces that supports DIY brewers to improve their craft. In the spirt of Science they have laboratory space to measure aspects of beer from alcohol content to culturing yeast! So bring you enthusiasm and best beer questions. He won’t be giving away any secretes but Fred is looking forward to answering questions about what it is like to be a brew professional!

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