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Thursday, December 7th

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Next Performance

Thursday, December 7th

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The Columbus Science Pub is a free event that aims to present scientific issues in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. No science background? No problem!! Everyone and every question is welcome.

The presentation starts promptly at 7:30pm, if you’d like to order food before the event, please arrive early. A full bar and menu will be available from the excellent Backstage Bistro kitchen!

December 7th


Forensic Psychology Interviews with Dr. Kukor & Dr. Veltri

Forensic Psychology has seen a recent surge in interest thanks to the popularity of shows like Criminal Minds and Law & Order: Criminal Intent. Join the Columbus Science Pub this December to hear from two forensic psychologists working in Columbus, Dr. Meredith Veltri and Dr. Terry Kukor. They will be sharing how their work integrates psychology with an understanding of the legal system to provide expert opinions to the Court on cases involving legal questions such as competency to stand trail and insanity. They will walk us through how they use principles of critical thinking and scientific inquiry to gather and interpret clinical data relevant to legal questions. To better pull back the curtain that typically shrouds forensic mental health assessment, their presentation will include a step-by-step analysis of a fictitious case of claimed insanity.

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