Shadowbox Academy Accepting Applications for Summer Boot Camp

March 13th, 2013

The Shadowbox® Academy: Rock Your Potential

Plans are in full swing for The Shadowbox Academy’s Summer Boot Camp, a three-week arts intensive program for high school and early college students ages 15-21.  Your child’s chance to be a part of this one of kind opportunity is rapidly approaching, with auditions being held on April 13th and May 18th at The Shadowbox Live Building, 503 S. Front Street.

The purpose of the Summer Boot Camp is to provide master class workshops in four performance disciplines: singing, dancing, acting and musicianship, as well as facets of arts administration, production, “life skills” and professionalism.

“The participants of the Boot Camp learn about the arts, but they take away so much more than that,” says Stacie Boord, Community Relations Director for Shadowbox Live.  “They learn self motivation, responsibility, how to take constructive criticism, and courage.  These are lessons they will keep their entire lives, no matter what field they find themselves in.”

The first two weeks include training in all performance areas.  At the end of week two, students jury in all four disciplines and are evaluated and cast accordingly by their instructors.  A showcase performance takes place on the final Friday, which has historically been presented to a sold out paying audience.

Sessions take place Tuesdays – Thursdays 12pm – 4pm and Fridays 9:30am – 2pm. There are two sessions scheduled for 2013.  Session 1: June 11 – June 28 and Session 2: July 30 – August 16.  Admissions to the Summer Boot Camp are accepted by audition only.  To fill out an application, and for more information on requirements and tuition, visit

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