May 15th, 2014

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Dazzling, wonderful and fantastic pale in comparison

Cleveland Examiner


The music and performance of [ Light ] was top-notch

The Plain Dealer


The best work that Verb Ballets has ever performed

Cleveland Examiner

The Masque


May 15th, 2014

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The Masque is a full-length, original rock ballet that weaves dance and music together to bring to life eight different compositions of Edgar Allan Poe. Performed live on stage with the dancers of Cleveland’s Verb Ballets, the performers and musicians of Shadowbox Live intertwine contemporary rock-and-roll with classical works from Beethoven, Schoenberg, Ruggles, and Ives in this unconventional and stunning production.

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The Fall of the House of Usher

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The Players

Verb Ballets, a northeast Ohio dance company, strives to ignite audience passion and participation in contemporary dance. For the 2013-14 season, FUSE!, Verb Ballets is showcasing the strength of the company with unique and diverse programming. This collaboration with Shadowbox Live speaks directly to the season theme of fusing dance, theatre and music.

All music composed and performed by the members of Light

Executive Producer, Percussion, Keys​ : Stev Guyer
Guitar​​​​​​ : Matthew Hahn
Bass​​​​​​ : Gabriel Guyer
Keys​​​​​​ : Jennifer Hahn
Drums​​​​​​ : Brandon Smith
Guitar : Dante Wehe

Additional Performers

Edgar Allen Poe : Tom Cardinal
Red Death : Amy Lay
Prince Prospero : JT Walker III
Super Choreographer : Katy Psenicka
Super performances by the staff of Shadowbox Live

Performance Shots from 2012 – 2013

Photo Credits go to Wil Shively, Barbara Pennington, Elisha Cerino, Mark Horning, Meliss Mendise, Nancy Balluck and Rob Erick