Both Full Weekends

November 5 - November 16


A spiritual experience


An intriguing multimedia fantasia

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Blown away by the music

Columbus Theater

Gallery of Echoes

Both Full Weekends

November 5 - November 16

Show Times

Wednesdays @ 7:30p
Thursdays @ 7:30p
Fridays @ 7:30p & 10:30p
Saturdays @ 7:30p & 10:30p
Sundays @ 2:00p & 7:00p

Show Pricing
General Admission : $25 - $50
Students, Seniors, Military & CMA Members : $20 - $50

In collaboration with the Columbus Museum of Art, Shadowbox Live presents Gallery of Echoes : The CMA Experience - a 21-song cycle, multi-media performance where the artwork takes center stage. Original rock ‘n’ roll, evocative video, and contemporary dance compliment the visceral artwork selected from the museum’s permanent collection for this one-of-a-kind production. Gallery of Echoes : The CMA Experience is presented in part by PNC’s Arts Alive!

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Gallery of Echoes : The CMA Experience - Photo by Wil Shively

“This is the experience we want to bring to the Gallery of Echoes project:

Imagine if you stopped to look at a painting, it unfolds in front of you, moving through space to cover every inch of your vision. A curator’s voice begins to whisper in your ear, telling the story of the piece. Music transforms the brush strokes into melodies and harmonies that become the painting’s soundtrack. And nearby, inspired performers experience the work through dance, song, and spoken word.

Art that inspires art that inspires art. That’s what we hope to achieve in Gallery of Echoes.”

- Stev Guyer, Co-composer, Executive Producer, Percussion, Keys​

Matinee Performances

We will be performing an abridged, 45-minute version of Gallery of Echoes on Fridays November 7 & 14 @ 1:00pm
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The Premiere Performance Players

Performer list for Fall 2014 TBA

All music composed and performed by the members of Light

Executive Producer, Percussion, Keys​ : Stev Guyer
Guitar​​​​​​ : Matthew Hahn
Bass​​​​​​ : Gabriel Guyer
Keys​​​​​​ : Jennifer Hahn
Drums​​​​​​ : Brandon Smith

Additional Guitar performance by Brent Lambert
Additional Percussion performances by JT Walker III, Jeff Simpson, Megan Louia and Noelle Grandison
Flute performance by Stephanie Shull and Noelle Grandison

All video created by the Shadowbox Live video team

Lead Editor​​​​ : David Whitehouse
Editors​​​​ : David Whitehouse, Zach Tarantelli, Ryan Newell, ​​​​​Brent Lambert, Rasean Davonte Johnson and Harold Chadwick

Vocal Director : Stacie Boord
Vocalists : Stacie Boord, Noelle Grandison, Leah Haviland, Julie Klein, Jeff Simpson and JT Walker III

Choreographer : Katy Psenicka
Dancers : Andy Ankrom, Nikki Fagin, Becca Heimlich, Amy Lay, Will Macke, Edelyn Parker, Katy Psenicka, JT Walker III, Nicholas Wilson

Additional music composition by Dante Wehe

Gallery of Echoes : The CMA Experience - Photo by Wil Shively

Performance Shots from May 2014

Education Outreach Program

As part of the Gallery of Echoes project, we are offering three 45-minute matinee performances to Central Ohio high schools Monday May 5th, and Tuesday May 6th, 2014. Each matinee performance will take place between 9:00a-1:00p and will conclude with a talkback session with select performers and production staff.

To deepen the engagement, Eastmoor Academy and the Graham School have been selected to participate in the In-School Visitation Program. Shadowbox Live will go into the classrooms to discuss the project overall and to lead a discussion on the ODIP (Observe. Describe. Interpret. Prove) process for analyzing some of the art works in the project. We will then challenge the students to participate in the process used to create Gallery of Echoes. The students will receive two things:

1) An image of art (Picasso’s Guernica) – They will be asked to find some music they feel supports the “meaning” of the piece

Guernica by Pablo Picasso

2) A selection of music (Shadowbox Live’s original music presented in “7 Deadly Sins”) – They will be asked to find an image they feel supports the “meaning/feeling” of the piece.

The students will select one of the two to pursue and the most successful will be exhibited here on the website. Please visit the site soon for the results!

The educational component of Gallery of Echoes is made possible by PNC Arts Alive!

Guest Blog for Columbus Museum of Art

Claude Monet - Weeping Willow

In the Arms of the Willow

“I had never seen a Monet like this before. It was very dark. As I walked up to this piece, explored its colors, and compared it to what I know of Monet – all I could think about was the intense and deep emotion he was expressing. Though I believe Monet is actually inviting us, the viewers, to this safe place where we may comfortably share the darker parts of ourselves.” - from Bassist Gabriel Guyer

Read the Full Blog

presented in part by

PNC Arts Alive

Marquee Image credits: Albert Bierstadt, King Lake, California, early 1870s, Columbus Museum of Art, Ohio: Bequest of Rutherford B. Platt. Edward Hopper, Morning Sun, 1952, Columbus Museum of Art, Ohio: Museum Purchase, Howald Fund.


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