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Light is a Progressive Rock band based out of Ohio and is comprised of Shadowbox Live® musicians from Columbus, OH. The band was founded in 2010 when Shadowbox Live® and BalletMet collaborated on a new work entitled 7 Deadly Sins. The goal of the project was for Shadowbox Live® to create and perform the music of a full-length ballet, written in a contemporary style using modern rock instruments. As soon as the planning began Light was born.

Following the success of 7 Deadly Sins, Light spent 12 days in 2012 creating and performing a second piece entitled The Masque that was based on the works of Edgar Allan Poe and performed as a symphony with narrative. The album was recorded on a Friday. The Masque premiered as a completed work with Verb Ballets on November 1st, 2013 in Cleveland, OH to a sold out house and paved the way for the Columbus premiere presented by CAPA at The Palace Theatre on May 15th, 2014.

During January of 2013, Light began writing its third musical piece, Gallery of Echoes a collaboration with the Columbus Museum of Art to write and perform 21 songs about 21 different works from the museum’s permanent collection. Gallery of Echoes premiered with its massive 27’ x 9’ screen to great success at the end of April 2014 and returned for an extended run in the Fall of 2014.

Throughout 2014 and most of 2015, the band was tasked with composing an original musical based on the ancient Japanese folk tale “Tenshu Monogatari”. Working closely with Hiromi Sakamoto and a number of other local and international collaborators, The Tenshu grew into the largest international performance collaboration in local Columbus history. Premiering in October of 2015, The Tenshu ran for a non-stop 3 week run to a nearly sold out audience base, shattering monetary and attendance expectations.

Premiering on June 7th, 2016, Light‘s latest project Gallery of Echoes: The Columbus Public Art Project takes the concept of The CMA Experience and reinterprets 20 original works by Columbus-based artists through original music, dance, spoken word, and larger-than-life videography. Created with the help of the Greater Columbus Arts Council, this project features emerging and established artists chosen through a juried process that received funding for their artwork and a featured piece in the performance. All artwork from the performance will be on display in the Vanderelli Room throughout the premiere month, and you can check it out online on the official show page!

After our free performances at the Columbus Arts Festival, Gallery of Echoes : The Columbus Public Art Project runs for One Week Only June 15 – 19 at Shadowbox Live! Get your tickets now!

While Light continues to stoke the flames of these projects, they are already in discussion and planning for the next project scheduled to begin writing this fall.


From left : Brandon “Dreads” Smith (drums) – Stev Guyer (keys, guitar, percussion) – Gabriel Guyer (bass)
Kevin Patrick Sweeney (keys) – Matthew Hahn (guitar)

Additional Composition by :
Jennifer Hahn for Keys on 7 Deadly Sins, The Masque and Gallery of Echoes: The CMA Experience
Dante Wehe for Guitar on The Masque, Gallery of Echoes: The CMA Experience, and The Tenshu

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Gallery of Echoes : The Columbus Public Art Project

The Tenshu

Gallery of Echoes : The CMA Experience

The Masque

7 Deadly Sins

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