Out of the Box

Embrace the Power of Yes to Build Better Teams

Corporate Improv Workshops powered by #Hashtag Comedy & Shadowbox Live®

“There’s a misconception that good ideas can be ‘used up.’ Improv teaches you to not only unlock a well-spring of good ideas, but to use your entire team to bring out the best ideas in each other.” – Sarah J. Storer, Hashtag Comedy

Provide your team with a unique learning experience that’s fun, educational and Out of the Box. Our house improv troupe, #Hashtag Comedy, uses the principles of improv to help your business accomplish your goals, which may include:


  • Team Building
  • Developing and Honing Listening Skills
  • Effective Group Communication
  • Enhancing Presentation Skills
  • Building Leadership Skills
  • Dealing with the Unexpected
  • Problem Solving and Creative Innovation
  • Negotiation Skills

“Now more than ever, business leaders need to be agile thinkers, strong communicators, and effective collaborators, and improv is a safe, fun, and creative way to foster these skills.” — Christina Wang, Marketing Specialist, Shutterstock

This two hour session is designed to fit your specific instructional needs for a team of up to fifteen. Come learn in a non-judgmental, energetic and fun environment how the power of “yes” can transform your business.

Contact Amy Lay at amylay@shadowboxlive.org or 614.416.7625 for more information!

“Business and comedy have overlap in that you’re always listening and adjusting — committing hard to where you started, but open and flexible to following unexpected opportunities and ideas.” — Chelsea Clark, Upright Citizen’s Brigade

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