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Steve & Peggy Yoder

Meet Shadowbox Live Donors Steve and Peggy Yoder! Steve, an orthopedic surgeon, and Peggy, the treasurer of First Presbyterian Church of Ashland, met at OSU in 1973. The couple has called Ashland, OH home for 32 years, where they raised three children and enjoy time with their two grandchildren.

Peggy first attended a Holiday Hoopla show with a friend at Easton, but it wasn’t long before she brought Steve in to see what all the buzz was about. They have been attending shows for ten years rarely miss a show. Even though they travel over an hour from Ashland, with friends and family in tow, they feel an evening at Shadowbox Live is “always worth the trip.”

The Yoder’s are supporters of a variety of organizations like the First Presbyterian Church of Ashland, the United Way, Young Life, Ashland Symphony Orchestra, the YMCA and The Ohio State University but are pleased to support Shadowbox Live because they “are amazed by the many talents and hard work of the metaperformers at Shadowbox Live and feel the quality of the shows rivals what [they] have seen on Broadway at an exceptional price. [They] enjoy the interactions with the staff and feel that all of these things contribute to making Shadowbox different and special.”

Steve and Peggy first became Shadowbox Live Donors during Kickstarter Campaign to fund the Shadowbox Live Original Musical, Underland. They recall this as being very special to them as their donation incentives allowed them to become involved in the Shadowbox production process by attending several rehearsals prior to opening night. We recall their involvement as being very special to us, as well!

You, too, can help Shadowbox Live produce a show. Check out the EVO Kickstarter Campaign running through September 23rd or contact Edelyn “Eddy” Parker at to become a Shadowbox Live Donor.

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Stacie Boord

For over 20 years, Shadowbox LIVE has produced world-class performances, spanning the artistic spectrum from sketch comedy, rock ‘n ‘roll and musicals to original rock operas, drama, dance theater and new media, always putting its emphasis on the unparalleled live experience. It is now our pleasure to be able to apply our experience of the arts and the business of theater to our educational outreach efforts through the Shadowbox Academy.

Our continued success and ability to embark on new endeavors is only possible because of thoughtful contributions from people like you.

In addition to making a critical impact on our weekly “bottom line,” your donation plays a big role in continuing to support the transition into our Brewery District home, including the build out of our state of the art rehearsal space! This project is a major step forward for Shadowbox Live as well as the facilities we will share with the Shadowbox Academy students. We are very excited – and grateful – to take that step with you.

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Thank You Shadowbox Live Contributors!

We are incredibly grateful for the contributions of this year’s donors (Fall 2013-2014). Your generosity allows Shadowbox Live to continue to bring its unique entertainment to the Columbus community. From all of us, thank you! We hope all our donors will continue to support our artistic endeavors!

Shadowbox Live
Personal Contributors

Supporting Role – $5,000 – $9,999
Brad & Kim Mullin
Rich & Karen Rosen Family Fund of the Columbus Foundation

Rehearsal Captain – $2500 – $4999
Larry & Donna James
Shaun, Jennifer & Will Brown
The Bolon Trust
Xenia Palus

Chorus – $1000 – $2499
Bill & Linda Habig
Coach Nicholas & Janet Fletcher
Jane H. Zimmerman
Keith & Carol Crabtree
Larry & Heather Baugess
Neal & Leslie Weill
Renee Weldy
Rick & Diana Wolterman
Rick & Yvonne Brown
Steve & Peggy Yoder, Ashland, OH
William & Nancy Macke

Understudy – $500 – $999
Cathy & Brad Morgan
Charlie Runtz & Josie Granger
Jeffrey Tate
Jeffrey Wolf
Jym “The Weatherman” Ganahl
Lindalee & Barry Brownstein
Luis & Marcy Machado
Margaret Schubbe & Don Muir
Roger & Jill Rill
Sid & Patty Drumheiser

Stage Hand – $100 – $499
Alison Barret
Amber & Ruby Hart
Ann Bryson
Anna & Josh Rode
Anne & Gordon Bisdorf
Bert & Drema Sergent
Bill & Rhoda Gilbert
Bob McWilliams & John Poole
Bob & Sally Weisman
Bobby & Michelle Handley
Brent Bennett
Bruce & Margaret Burns
CJ Curtis
Carla Willey
Chad Readler
Cheyenne Duckro
Craig & Kristin Street
David Frangipane
David & Anna Kurtz of WVA
David & Lynn Boardwine
David & Mark Cunningham
Dennis & Sue Zimmerman
Donna Christensen
Edward Eybel
Edward Jackson
Eileen Paley
Elizabeth Kessler
Erik & Carrie Tritsch
Everett Fridenmaker
Gene Dahnke
Gregory Couch
In Memory of Sandi Fridenmaker
Jacqueline Taylor
Jason Dutton
Drs. Jeff Sams & Linda Hall
Jen & Chris Estey
Jim & Jackie Shulman
John Dake
Dr. John DeSando
John Walker
Kristin Watt
Lee Hess & Irene J. Levine
Lisa & Trent Reed
Linda Baas
Michelle & Don Tillman
Pamela & Richard Scott
Pat & Randy Krumm
Phyllis & John Hizey
Richard & Jana Heitsman
Robert Redfield & Carolyn Merry
Russ & Linda Coffman
Ruth Perry
Ruth & Doc Sacolic
Sally Blue & Dan Brown
Shirley & Mitch Cochran
Steve & Susie Carr
Steven Hill
Terry Anderson
The Kennedy Family
Tim Wagner & Katie Russell
Tom & Jody Pizzuto
Victor Moore
Wayne Miller

Usher – $50 – $99
Amy & Dudley Irvin
Chad Stiteler
Christie M.
Courtney Bricker
Janelle Simmons
Jeff Fasone
Dr. Jill Hayes & Dr. Mike Squires
Jim Bruner & Rick Riley
John Swartz
Joe & Sheila Knapik
Kathryn Bennett
Marie Claire Trudeau
Niels Hansen
Randy Kuklinski
The Brown Family
Tom, Jeanene & Heather Tooill

Doorman – $49.99 and Under
Alisa Dickerson
Allen Cope
Anne McIntire
Anthony Anaya
Barbara Damiano
Ben Shinabery
Brad Bolon
Brian Crecco
Bryce Ramey
Carl Crabtree
Carlene White
Carrie Knaub
Catherine Burke
Chellsy Untied
Chrissy Gardner
Cindi Ball
Cody Debevoise
Daniel Dreisbach
Debby Gunell
Deb & Jerry Kranitz
Deborah Monroe
Dennis Smith
Donna Pinkertonno
Donna Vichinsky
Edward Razler
Elizabeth Clark
Gary & Gloria Gruehl
Greg Autrey
Gregory Kramarius
Holly Hollingsworth
Isabelle Kertis
Jacquelyn Krueger
James Wise
Jamison Harned
Jaqueline Hopper
Jared Cave
Jeff Wasil
Jeffrey Luedke
Jenna Collins
Jennifer Howard
Jennifer Palmer
Jeremiah Olney
Jessica Chandonnet
Jessica Robinson
Jill Hofmans
John Stegall
Jonathon Achor
Joseph Jones
Joseph Rowland
Josh Stallard
Justin Grisamore
Kathleen Thompson
Katie Toopes
Kelly Persichetti
Kenneth Di Bella
Kenneth Harvey
Kimberly Darren
Kyle Moreo
Linda Bentley
Marcel Frye
Marcus Palmore
Maria & Jeff Cohen
Mariah Ward
Martha Brinkman
Mary Schmertz
Matthew Cook
Meg Kirwin
Melissa Valentino
Micah Neustein
Michael Brizendine
Michael Corwin
Michael Henry
Michail Yasonik
Michelle Dietrich
Michelle Mundy
Mika Joseph
Millie Walker
Mohamoud Adam
Myles Hook
Nancy Gallagher
Nancy Kelly
Nancy Kreemer
Nik Mann
Nora Skotko
Patrick Lloyd
Patsy Deerhake
Peter LaBianca
Rebecca Shell
Rich Schwartz
Richard Hollins
Rick Burbacher
Robert Stayton
Rose Aldea
Rose Thornburg
Ruby Harper
Ryan Erlewine
Samantha Yost
Samuel Lees
Sean Collier
Sean Devlin
Sean Ostendorf
Sean Stewart
Shelia Sales, Shalil Tillman & Shamar Hutchinson
Sherry Gassaway
Sheryl Gallagher
Stephanie Lee
Stephen Perakis
Susan Klun
Suzanne Allen
Teresa Dickey
The Barrett’s
The Miller’s
Teri Trost
Terry Willoby
Toni Smalley
Tony Logan
Victoria Andrews
William Dancey

Shadowbox Live In-Kind (*)
and Corporate Contributors

Superstar – $50,000 and above
Crabbe, Brown, & James LLP *
Huntington Bank
Matt Kennedy- Albany Club Apartments *

Producer – $30,000-$49,999
PNC Arts Alive
PNC Bank

Director – $20,000-$29,999
Clear Channel Outdoor *
Concord Hospitality *

Lead Role – $10,000-$19,999
Altair Learning Management
The Limited Foundation

Supporting Role – $5000-$9999
Dr. Robert Lowe *
Family Physicians of Gahanna *
Saul Schottenstein Foundation D

Rehearsal Captain – $2500-$4999
Gruntz, LLC *
Professional Eyecare Associates *

Chorus – $1000-$2499

Understudy – $500-$999
Greater Columbus Arts Council
Michael Rourke, Rourke & Blumenthal
Muth & Co. Roofing, Inc.
Ohio Flyers
Tim Haviland, Birds Head Forge

Stage Hand – $100-$499
Alliance Data
Brad Circone – Circone + Associates
Goldman & Braunstein, LLP
Ira B. Sully, Attorney at Law
Notary One Signature Services
PAST Foundation
Steve & Lisa Miller, Palmer Miller Nelson Insurance Partners

Usher – $50-$99
Jeremy Ball, Big Lots!
MAC Construction
Obese Barber’s Retirement Fund of Ft Thomas, KY
Susan Little, Big Picture Marketunities
Wedded Perfection

Doorman – $49.99 and Under
Danny Fisher, Girl Grown Wild
Down Syndrome Association of Central Ohio

You too can contribute in a number of different ways, and your monetary contributions are tax deductible!

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Monetary Donations

Monetary Donation Levels
Doorman- $49.99 and under
Usher- $50-$99
Stage Hand- $100-$499
-Shadowbox Live Front Row Supporters-
Understudy – $500-$999
Chorus- $1000-$2499
Rehearsal Captain- $2500-$4999
Supporting Role- $5000-$9999
Lead Role- $10,000-$19,999
Director- $20,000-$29,999
Producer- $30,000-49,999
Superstar- $50,000 and above

Each level allows you to reach a different stage of donor benefit experience. If your desire to help is more than you can afford at this time, contact Stacie Boord directly (614) 554-1534 or to make arrangements for your donation plan.

All levels of contribution are graciously accepted and greatly appreciated!

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Gifts & Goods

Matching Gift
Double or triple your dollars. Your gift may be eligible for a matching gift from your company. Please contact your HR department for a matching gift form.

Memorial Gift
A wonderful way to celebrate the life of a loved one is through a gift in his/her name. Recognition of this honor will be provided in the Shadowbox Live program.

In-kind Contribution of Goods or Services
Do you have a service or product that you think would be useful to Shadowbox Live? Please contact Stacie Boord directly at (614) 554-1534 or

Help us spread the word!

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