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Stacie Boord

Help Shadowbox Live, the Largest Resident Theatre Company in America, continue to provide unique artistic programming, deepen our community engagement, and offer innovative STEM instruction centered on the Rock Arts for our youth.

If you enjoy our productions and community efforts, won’t you please donate?

All levels of contribution are graciously accepted and greatly appreciated. And be assured, every dollar donated will be spent wisely.

If your desire to help is more than you can afford at this time, contact Stacie Boord directly (614) 554-1534 or to make arrangements for your donation plan.

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Matching Gift
Double or triple your dollars. Your gift may be eligible for a matching gift from your company. Please contact your HR department for a matching gift form.

Memorial Gift
A wonderful way to celebrate the life of a loved one is through a gift in his/her name. Recognition of this honor will be provided in the Shadowbox Live program.

In-kind Contribution of Goods or Services
Do you have a service or product that you think would be useful to Shadowbox Live? Please contact Stacie Boord directly at (614) 554-1534 or

Kroger Community Rewards

Looking for another way to show your support of Shadowbox Live? Link your Kroger Plus Card to benefit Shadowbox Live when you buy groceries! It’s easy…

  • Just visit:
  • Click the “Create an Account” button OR if you’ve already set up your account use the “Sign In” button
  • Click the “Enroll Now” button, then enter our name (Shadowbox Live) or organization number (55158) in the Search box
  • Select Shadowbox Live and click “enroll.”

Make sure to scan your Kroger Plus Card when you shop and Shadowbox Live will reap the benefits. Thank you for your continued support!

Help us spread the word!

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Thank You Shadowbox Live Front Row Supporters!

We are incredibly grateful for the contributions of this year’s donors (Winter 2014-2015). Your generosity allows Shadowbox Live to continue to bring its unique entertainment to the Columbus community. From all of us, thank you.

Shadowbox Live
Personal Contributors

Superstar – $50,000 and above
Rich and Karen Rosen Family Fund of the Columbus Foundation

Lead Role – $10,000 – $19,999
George Barrett & Deborah Neimeth Fund

Supporting Role – $5,000 – $9,999
Nick & Donna Akins
Rick & Diana Wolterman

Rehearsal Captain – $2500 – $4999
Ann & Ron Pizzuti
Shaun, Jennifer & Will Brown
Steve & Peggy Yoder, Ashland, OH
The Bolon Trust

Chorus – $1000 – $2499
Brad & Kim Mullin
Bruce & Margaret Burns
Coach Nicholas & Janet Fletcher
Drs. A. Harry & Charlotte G. Andrist
Drs. Jeff Sams & Linda Hall
Everett Fridenmaker
Keith & Carol Crabtree
Larry & Donna James
Larry & Heather Baugess
Lisa & Trent Reed
Margaret Schubbe & Don Muir
Neal & Leslie Weill
Phil & Linda Frabott
Renee Weldy
Rick & Yvonne Brown
Roger & Jill Rill
The Macke Foundation
Xenia Palus

Understudy – $500 – $999
Ann Bostic
Bill & Linda Habig
Cathy & Brad Morgan
Gene Dahnke
Janey Hicks
Jeffrey Tate
Jim & Jackie Shulman
Katie Russell
Laura MacGregor Comek, Esq.
Lindalee & Barry Brownstein
Sally Blue & Dan Brown
Sheli Smith
Sid & Patty Drumheiser
The Kennedy Family

Stage Hand – $100 – $499
Allen Latta
Anne & Gordon Bisdorf
Becky Podlasiak
Bert & Drema Sergent
Bob McWilliams & John Poole
Bob Redfield
Bobby & Michelle Handley
Brad & Marianne Mitchell
Brent Bennett
Carol McGuire
Cate Matisi
Catherine Adamescu
Charles & Shelley Quinn
Chaz Wolf Spain
Christine Shirer
CJ Curtis
Colleen Garland
Courtney Bricker
Cynthia Hunt
Dan & Sheila Weiss
David Rectenwald
Diane Radigan
Dick Ranich & Dee Baker
Don & Diane Hayford
Don McTigue & Ann Bryson
Dr. John DeSando
Edward Eybel
Edward Jackson
Elaine E. May
Fred Renner
Greg Brightman
Hap Hinkle
In Honor of Dee Klosterman
In Honor of Emily Bennett
In Honor of Grandpa John C. Elam
In Memory of Dr. J. Nick Marzella
In Memory of Jay Cash
In Memory of John Jacob Lehr, JR
Janet Rife
Jason Dutton
Jeffrey Wolf
Jennifer Ortlieb
Jerri Ann Brown
Joe & Sheila Knapik
John Walker
Judyth Guyer Nobles
Kelley LaPlace
Kent & Laura Stuckey
Kristina Klein Kosch
Laurie Myers
Lia Eastep
Linda Baas
Luis & Marcy Machado
M & M Wilson
Mari Noda
Mark Aalyson
Monica Hunter
Stage Hand – $100 – $499 (cont.)
Monica Klein
Nick & Polina
Pamela & Richard Scott
Pat & Randy Krumm
Patricia Fulmer
Pauline & Serenity
Phyllis & John Hizey
Raimund Goerler
Randy Kuklinski
Rebecca Adams Sweet
Renee Weldy & Michael Love
Rhett & Nicole Ricart
Richard & Jana Heitsman
Ruth Perry
Shoshanah GoldbergMiller
Someone who loves you!
Susan & Larry Shaver
The Doug Blessing Family
The Reisch Family
The Sines Family
Tim Wagner
Tom & Rita Stevenson
Tom Havens
Vanessa & George Arnold
Wild Willy
William Hutter

Shadowbox Live In-Kind (*)
and Corporate Contributors

Superstar – $50,000 and above
Crabbe, Brown & James, LLP *
Greater Columbus Arts Council

Producer – $30,000-$49,999
PNC Arts Alive

Director – $20,000-$29,999
Concord Hospitality *

Lead Role – $10,000-$19,999
Altair Learning Management
L Brands
Mills James Creative Media *
Saul Schottenstein Foundation D

Supporting Role – $5000-$9999
Dr. Robert Lowe *
Family Physicians of Gahanna *
Huntington Bank

Rehearsal Captain – $2500-$4999
Laura M. Comek Law LLC *
Professional Eyecare Associates *
The Columbus Foundation’s BIG GIVE, 2015

Chorus – $1000-$2499
Ricart Automotive Inc.

Understudy – $500-$999
Alliance Data

Stage Hand – $100-$499
Anne & Walker Evans,
Notary One Signature Services
Kroger Community Rewards
Steve & Lisa Miller, Palmer Miller Nelson Insurance Partners

You too can contribute in a number of different ways, and your monetary contributions are tax deductible!

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