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Rick & Diana Wolterman

Meet Shadowbox Live Donors Rick and Diana Wolterman! Rick is a Research Leader at Battelle, the world’s largest non-profit research and development organization. Diana is the Accounts Manager for PAST Foundation which is committed to improving education by linking learning to life. Diana also serves on the Shadowbox Live Education Advisory Board.

Rick and Diana were first introduced to Shadowbox Live in 2009 when Diana got involved with the pilot for Shadowbox Live’s education program METRO Rocks the ‘Box, an intensive that incorporates STEM Students in a Shadowbox Live Production, giving them a rare theatrical opportunity and instilling confidence, dedication, and work ethic that is applicable in all fields.

Diana recalls fondly, “the amazing feeling of watching the first Metro Rocks the ‘Box show and knowing how far the kids had come from the beginning when we announced it and held auditions.” Diana’s position at PAST Foundation allowed her to be involved throughout the process. “It was a transformational experience for me,” she said, “so I could only imagine how it felt to the student participants.”

We asked Rick and Diana why they donate to Shadowbox Live. They agreed, “from the start we’ve been impressed with the quality of talent and the generosity to share that talent with aspiring students. The education program gives young people an opportunity to test their courage and find out what happens when they have passion, let go of what’s comfortable for them and reach for their dreams.”

With the Shadowbox Live Academy Bootcamp quickly approaching, it’s not too late for you to help a Shadowbox Student reach their dreams. Become a Shadowbox Live Donor today! Contact Edelyn “Eddy” Parker at 614-416-7625 or for more information.

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