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Luis & Marcy Machado

Meet Shadowbox Live Donors Luis and Marcy Machado! Luis was born in Cuba, but grew up in New Jersey. Marcy was born in Michigan, but grew up in Chicago. Four years ago they moved to Columbus where Luis is Senior VP, Legal for L Brands and Marcy is an Administrative Assistant in the Department of Community Relations and Education right here at Shadowbox Live!

The Machado’s first began attending Shadowbox shows when they moved to Columbus and were thrilled to “find such a lively and entertaining organization.” They feel Shadowbox Live is a “great way to show off Columbus!”

The Machado’s “believe in voluntary donations to support organizations that contribute to social good. When asked “why they find it important to donate to Shadowbox Live,” Luis and Marcy said “Shadowbox Live is a unique institution. It is a resident theatre company with incredibly talented performers, but it does much more than that. It provides unique educational opportunities, not just in performance but in understanding the business of theatre and, to a large extent, hospitality.” They are impressed by our “unique mix of entertainment options and relentless focus on what the audience wants and expects. [They] believe that Shadowbox’s continued success, and growth, is important to the health and vibrancy of the region and would like to see it serve as a model for other companies across the country. How can you not contribute to something like that?”

If you are interested in becoming a Shadowbox Live Donor, please contact Edelyn “Eddy” Parker at 614-416-7625 or for more information!

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