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Steve & Peggy Yoder

Meet Shadowbox Live Donors Steve and Peggy Yoder! Steve, an orthopedic surgeon, and Peggy, the treasurer of First Presbyterian Church of Ashland, met at OSU in 1973. The couple has called Ashland, OH home for 32 years, where they raised three children and enjoy time with their two grandchildren.

Peggy first attended a Holiday Hoopla show with a friend at Easton, but it wasn’t long before she brought Steve in to see what all the buzz was about. They have been attending shows for ten years rarely miss a show. Even though they travel over an hour from Ashland, with friends and family in tow, they feel an evening at Shadowbox Live is “always worth the trip.”

The Yoder’s are supporters of a variety of organizations like the First Presbyterian Church of Ashland, the United Way, Young Life, Ashland Symphony Orchestra, the YMCA and The Ohio State University but are pleased to support Shadowbox Live because they “are amazed by the many talents and hard work of the metaperformers at Shadowbox Live and feel the quality of the shows rivals what [they] have seen on Broadway at an exceptional price. [They] enjoy the interactions with the staff and feel that all of these things contribute to making Shadowbox different and special.”

Steve and Peggy first became Shadowbox Live Donors during Kickstarter Campaign to fund the Shadowbox Live Original Musical, Underland. They recall this as being very special to them as their donation incentives allowed them to become involved in the Shadowbox production process by attending several rehearsals prior to opening night. We recall their involvement as being very special to us, as well!

You, too, can help Shadowbox Live produce a show. Check out the EVO Kickstarter Campaign running through September 23rd or contact Edelyn “Eddy” Parker at to become a Shadowbox Live Donor.

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