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Renee Weldy

Meet Shadowbox Live Donor Renee Weldy! Renee grew up on a pig farm in rural Minnesota, attended college in Wisconsin, worked in Minneapolis, Wichita and Boston until she finally moved to Columbus in 1988. Renee now works for Verizon as a business analyst in their IT Division.

Renee’s first Shadowbox Live experience was at 2Cos Cabaret in 2000. After attending many shows, she ventured over to the Shadowbox Cabaret at Easton where she regularly attended shows for a few years and then switched back to 2Cos as she found she “missed the intimacy and style of performance that 2Cos offered.” When 2Cos closed, Renee says she was “absolutely heartbroken!” As much as Renee admits to loving the Santa Babies, she “sure does miss those Christmas Queenies!!” These days, Renee attends all brands of Shadowbox Live shows accompanied by her boyfriend Michael Love, her sister Effie and any out of town friends and family.

As a longtime supporter of Shadowbox Live, Renee fondly recalls attending and being blown away by Shadowbox’s first Sunday Musical, The Who’s Tommy, but when asked about her favorite Shadowbox Live memory, mentioned the number of Fireball fundraisers she attended at Valleydale including the event where Stacie Boord’s water broke.

In addition to supporting Shadowbox Live, Renee donates to the OSU Chadwick Arboretum & Learning Gardens and the Berwick Civic Association, but admits the majority of her local charitable giving goes to Shadowbox Live. Renee also submits these donations to Verizon which matches her contributions to Shadowbox Live! Renee feels donating to Shadowbox Live is an “important way to recognize and show appreciation for the hard work, dedication and immense talent of the Shadowbox Metaperformers.” She says Shadowbox is “a one-of-a-kind theatre,” and she “sees Shadowbox as one of the best things about living in Columbus!”

We recognize Renee for her continued support, great generosity and willingness to solicit her company’s support on our behalf! For more information on becoming a Shadowbox Live Donor, or Company-Matched Donations, contact Edelyn “Eddy” Parker at 614-416-7625 or

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