Shadowbox Live® employs metaperformers

…dedicated, talented and driven individuals who excel at multi-tasking. They sing, dance, play instruments, act, operate the non-profit, 501c3 company, create show content, work the restaurant / bar and run the front of house.

Metaperformers work in multiple departments throughout the course of the day including the box office, marketing, sales and promotions, data management, bookkeeping, media and community relations, personnel, company event and group sales, restaurant and bar operations, and facility maintenance.

These same metaperformers write the material for all upcoming shows and special events, design the costumes, wigs and make up, create the choreography and edit the video. And, when the doors open, these metaperformers turn their attention to preparing and serving the food and drinks for the audience. Finally, they perform in some of the best shows produced anywhere.

Special events, dress rehearsals and off site bookings are also blended into this difficult schedule, which adds up to more than 400 performances per year!

Shadowbox metaperformers are the personality of Shadowbox®: renegade spirits with a run-away work ethic, hell-bent on achieving their personal best and feeding an audience that craves a live experience that only Shadowbox Live can provide.

So, you think you’ve got what it takes?

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Auditions are held by group and scheduled approximately every 3 months

The Hard Facts

What exactly will working at Shadowbox Live® mean to you?


First and foremost, Shadowbox Live® is a place for performers who have proven a commitment to performance as a career choice. We are a professional company with a demanding schedule and pace, where timeliness, responsibility, mental and physical fitness and self-discipline are critical and expected of all ensemble members. Shadowbox Live® is not a place for people who are interested in pursuing the arts only as a hobby.

As an ensemble member, you will be pushed to utilize the entire scope of your talents, both onstage and off; understand that this is not always an easy or pleasant process. However, Shadowbox Live’s success to date has been based on the actionable belief that we can always strive to improve. Willingness to pursue this excellence and maximize your potential is requisite for success as an ensemble member and performer.


Shadowbox Live® offers performance diversity. The performance ensemble consists of singers, actors, comedians, dancers, and musicians, in addition to varied backstage specialties. For instance, it is not uncommon for our lead guitarist to star in a comedy sketch, or our best comedic actress to belt out rock songs with the band.

Shadowbox Live® looks for professional, goal-oriented individuals as ensemble members. Auditions for the ensemble are held in open groups every couple of months, please fill out the submission form at the bottom of the page to get the process underway.

In addition to Ensemble Members, Shadowbox® is always looking for interns. Generally, an intern is a person that is deemed, for whatever reason, to be not quite ready for the performance ensemble. Instead, interns are given the opportunity to observe and work with the performance ensemble on show nights, enabling them to see and understand what would be expected of them as performers and staffers.

In general, if you take advantage of opportunities as they arise and look at each new situation as a chance to learn and grow, you will never be disappointed with your experience at Shadow®.

Business Philosophy

We are an established and successful company, with over 20 years of experience and growth, functioning in an organized way to be competitive in the entertainment industry. We treat our organization as a business working in the entertainment industry.

We are an artist owned and operated company – all administrative and management duties of the company are handled by the performers, consequently we offer hands-on, real world experience as well as performance opportunities.

New employees receive a general overview of the different administrative areas that comprise the business of our theatre. Eventually, employees are placed in one or more specific administrative areas, receiving in-depth training at the time.

The daily schedule at Shadowbox Live® is filled with administrative and marketing duties in addition to any rehearsals that might arise. Due to this aspect of Shadowbox Live®, employees will find themselves working in many different areas and reporting to many different managers

The Schedule

Shadowbox Live® performs Sketch Comedy and Rock ’n’ Roll shows Fridays & Saturdays (52 weeks per year), each show running from 10 to 12 weeks. Additionally, we produce a lunchtime show on most Friday afternoons. The Shadowbox Live® Musical series runs on Sundays-only for 7 to 10 weeks per show. There is also a Wednesday & Thursday performance series for Drama and Jazz / Blues / Folk music that runs for 6 to 8 weeks per show. This aggressive schedule, in addition to plans for growth, help ensure continuous employment and constantly changing opportunities. The schedule becomes even more aggressive during the holiday season, when Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, select Mondays and additional Lunchtime shows are added.

Ensemble members are expected to be in attendance at ALL performances, rehearsals, events, and work duties as required by their position in the ensemble.

Employee schedules MUST be flexible to meet the needs of constantly changing situations. The Shadowbox Live schedule must come FIRST. It is important to remember that the business of entertainment requires long hours and working nights, weekends and holidays.

Be aware that bookings and activities may arise on non-show days, and, as an ensemble member, you will be expected to attend. Though as much notice as possible is given, anticipate this eventuality and you will not be surprised or aggravated.

Performance Expectations

It is important to remember that everyone does everything. On show nights, performers double as kitchen staff, wait-staff, ushers, bartenders, tech support…you name it.

No members of the performance ensemble are guaranteed stage time. Ensemble members ARE guaranteed opportunities to get on stage. Whether or not performers can take advantage of these opportunities in a meaningful way (i.e. – get onstage) is up to them as members of the performance ensemble. Casting is based on specific show auditions as well as general work ethic and continued growth.

Whether or not an ensemble member is cast in a show, he or she is expected to work every performance and will be assigned one or more staff responsibilities for the evening.

All artistic decisions go through Stev Guyer, the Executive Producer, who makes final decisions about inclusions, exclusions and changes to a show both prior to and after the commencement of a run. It is important to note that these changes can and will occur. They are a normal part of the production process and require flexibility on the part of the employee to meet the changing needs of the situation.


Hair, makeup, and overall appearance are all issues that will be discussed and / or addressed to help give you a look that is conducive to being a performer.

Due to the demands of the schedule as well as being a performer, ensemble members who are physically fit will increase their chances for performance opportunities.


Many new ensemble members receive training and experience through our weekly lunchtime shows. Performers use their individual efforts, guided by directors, to prepare roles and songs for this show. These weekly performances are geared towards the more inexperienced Shadowbox Live® performers who may not be ready for the evening show, but have shown progress through individual work.

We also work to train directors, writers, technicians, and just about anybody else that could work in the entertainment field. Much of our training is a “learn by doing” scenario.

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