Summer Bootcamp

Inspired by its success with the STEM Rocks the Box project, Shadowbox Live® has implemented the Shadowbox Live® Summer Rock Arts Bootcamp; a three-week arts intensive program for students ages 15 to 21 interested in exploring a career in the performing arts. In today’s market, it is imperative that artists master/explore more than one artistic discipline. The idea of a “triple threat” is no longer an exception. It’s a standard. Bootcamp participants attend master classes in all four disciplines of the Rock Arts: singing, dancing, acting and musicianship, as well as arts administration, fiscal responsibility, wellness and professionalism.

The Shadowbox Live Summer Rock Arts Bootcamp
July 9th-27th, 2018

Showcase Performance
Friday July 27th at 7pm.

Shadowbox Live® is located at 503 S. Front Street Columbus OH 43215

Applications for 2018 are coming soon!

General Info

Criteria for Participants

Shadowbox Live® was founded on hard-work, passion and courage;the same characteristics that will be required and encouraged among our students.

Participants must :

  • Be 15-21 years old
  • Be passionate about the performing arts
  • Possess a willingness to explore various ways to elevate his/her primary discipline
  • Have an outstanding work ethic
  • Take personal responsibility for growth and advancement
  • Perform their primary discipline at a high artistic level
  • Desire and give 100% commitment to any and all professional challenges
  • Be interested in learning the realities of being a professional artist

STEM Rocks the Box 2014 - Photo by Studio 66


Students will be required to fill out an application and will audition in all four disciplines in order to be considered for the program.

Audition Preparation

For the audition, we will assess everyone in all four areas (music, acting, vocals and dance.) We do not expect everyone to perform all of these disciplines well! We just ask that you try your best with the material given. Based on the audition, those of you accepted will be assigned majors or minors in the four disciplines so that instruction is commensurate with your level of ability.

Audition Specifics for the 2018 Shadowbox Live Summer Rock Arts Bootcamp program!
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If you have questions, please contact Stacie Boord directly at 614.554.1534 or via email at


The Shadowbox Live Summer Rock Arts Bootcamp will be held Monday through Thursday 12:00-4:00pm and Friday 9:00-3:00pm at Shadowbox Live® located at 503 S. Front Street Columbus OH 43215.



The Shadowbox Live Summer Rock Arts Bootcamp Showcase will be held Friday July 27th at 7:00p. Doors open at 5:45pm.

“I’ve learned more in these two weeks than I did in my 5 years of education. I’ve experienced an incredible transformation in myself as a performer and my intensity and passion for what I want to do. It has been a huge revelation.”

Dylan George – Boot Camp 2013
2014 Graduate of Wittenberg for Theatre

Tuition and Scholarships

Jordan guitar-sm

Through tremendous community and corporate support, The Shadowbox Live Summer Rock Arts Bootcamp tuition cost may be offset in one of the following ways:

  • Full Scholarship Awards
  • Half Tuition/Half Scholarship Awards
  • Half Scholarship Award /Half Work-Study
  • Half Paid Tuition/Half Work-Study


Students can offset 1/2 tuition costs by working 50 hours during the holiday season helping usher patrons to their tables and running food.


Full and half Scholarships are given based on merit and financial need. Once accepted into the program, details will be finalized by the Director of Education and the student and the student’s family.

Shadowbox Academy is currently securing scholarships from local businesses and individuals to be awarded based on both merit and financial need. For more information on how you can play a role in The Shadowbox Academy’s fundraising efforts, please contact Stacie Boord at 614-554-1534 or

Sponsored by :

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