STEM Rocks the Box

STEM General Info

Do you have an artistic talent? Do you at least have a strong arts interest that you’ve never explored? Are you willing to push yourself further than you’ve ever gone? If you’ve answered yes to these questions, then the STEM Rocks the Box experience might be for you!

Back by popular demand it’s STEM Rocks the ‘Box 2015! Selected high school students will work beside professional artists to learn comedy acting, singing, dance, musical instruments, backstage, costumes, makeup, theater lighting and sound, etc. The students will then prove their knowledge in these fields by performing alongside seasoned actors, singers and musicians for a real audience in a one time only sketch comedy and rock n’ roll show called STEM Rocks the ‘Box. This is not a talent show. It’s a real life boot camp designed to give students a rare taste of the arts.

General Info



All students must submit their online application by Wednesday March 18th at 5pm. Once submitted, a permission slip will be made available and the signed document MUST be brought to the audition. No permission slip, no audition.


Auditions will be conducted at COSI on Wednesday, March 25th from 3 to 6pm. Please note: we are happy to accommodate students with later dismissal times. The audition schedule will be announced Friday March 20th. Click here to get Audition Specifics!


Finalists will be announced on Friday March 27th. The specific casting and materials will be available the week of March 29th.


Practices will be held after school at Shadowbox beginning on Monday, April 13 through Monday, April 20, 2015. Shadowbox Live is located at 503 S. Front Street Columbus OH 43215. Click here to see the Full Schedule.

School time

Show will be held on Monday, April 20th at 7pm. Students will be required to be at Shadowbox by 8:30AM that day and remain at Shadowbox the ENTIRE time through the end of the show.

Additionally, tech (sound and lights) and backstage will be required to attend the Friday April 17th lunchbox show (11:30a-2p) to learn about the equipment and department operations. More specific details will follow once selected.


Come see the students “Rock Their Potential” on Monday April 20th at 7pm. This show sells out every year, so visit the show page and Buy Your Tickets Now!

Click here to visit the STEM Rock the ‘Box show page!