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Shadowbox Live® has been a fixture in the Columbus arts and entertainment community for over 20 years. For the past six years, massive efforts have gone into the implementation of an ambitious arts educational program through our Shadowbox® Gives Back organization. (Click here for more information about the Shadowbox® Academy) Our goal is to use our knowledge and experience of the performing arts to help students further their artistic abilities. Additionally, we reach out to those with no arts experience and use our art form to teach them important life skills.

Highlights include:

STEM Rocks the Box 2014

STEM Rocks the Box 2014 - Photo by Studio 66

A collaborative arts project since 2009, select STEM students from the Central Ohio area participate in acting, singing, dancing, musicianship, lights, sound, backstage, makeup and costumes. This year’s two-week program culminated with a sold out showcase on Monday, March 3rd. Sponsors for 2014 include:

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Shadowbox® Academy Summer Bootcamp

Summer Boot Camp

For this three-week summer intensive, students, 15 to 22 years of age, audition in all four major Rock Art discipline areas: modern dance, rock vocals, rock instruments and acting. Like STEM Rocks the Box, the Summer Bootcamp also has a holistic educational goal. It helps students build resilience and perseverance, overcome their fears, understand how to receive critical and constructive feedback and, ultimately, experience the thrill of performing before a live audience. Students who have participated in the Summer Bootcamp often cite it as one of the most pivotal, life-changing events they have experienced.

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Internship Programs

STEM Rocks the Box 2014 - Photo by Studio 66

Shadowbox Live provides numerous internship opportunities to area high school and college students in areas such as business administration, costume design, culinary instruction etc. Additionally, we customize the experience to fit the needs of the student and the organization. All students are accepted via application and interview.

“I wanted to take a moment and thank you for what you and Shadowbox are doing for Danyai.  She really enjoys being a part of your organization and I know she is honored to participate.  I hope this opportunity continues and that future students will commit as Danyai has and benefit from the experience.”

Jeff McCargish
Vocational Music Instructor, Fort Hayes Career Center

School Partnerships

STEM Rocks the Box 2014 - Photo by Studio 66

Shadowbox Live is proud of its expanding partnerships with area high schools and colleges :

CCAD – The highly acclaimed institution and Shadowbox Live share a desire to meld the visual and performing arts by providing students with opportunities to learn broad fundamentals, work on collaborative creative concepts, and develop professional presentation skills. Shadowbox Live has provided internships for both the Media Studies and Fashion Design Department. More recently, the Cafe Sketch Animators have joined us for tech rehearsals to use our Metaperformers as their models. Here are a few of the wonderful Cafe Sketches from this semester:

Hilay Hastings

Kaleb Rice

Kimberly Rose

Laura Mansfield

Rachel Pierce

Also check out some sketches from the 2013 Fall semester class:

A partnership with the Columbus City Schools Unified Arts Department that provides abridged one-hour shows from our Musical Theatre Series productions and our original collaborative works to hundreds of Columbus City High School students. Each 45-60 minute performance serves up to 300 students and is followed with a 20-minute Q&A session where the students and teachers get to interact with key performers and production personnel. This year Shadowbox Live will present student matinee performances of our 2014 collaboration with the Columbus Museum of Art, Gallery of Echoes on Monday May 5th 2014.

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Back to the Garden Performance Internship

STEM Rocks the Box 2014 - Photo by Studio 66

A community project which enables area high school students to perform as extras in our original musical documentary Back to the Garden at the Columbus Commons in front of thousands of people. This year’s event will take place on Sunday, May 25th at 8pm. Past participants of Shadowbox Live’s educational programs are given first priority. Contact Stacie Boord directly at

Shadowbox Live® is proud of its accomplishments thus far, but we can do more. Our commitment to the Columbus community is strong and with local corporate support, together, we can implement additional programs that provide opportunities for our youth to be happy, successful, contributing members of our society.

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