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A dynamic force in the Greater Columbus performing arts scene for over 25 years, Shadowbox Live® is the largest resident theater company in America, home to 45 full time professional artists all focused on the Rock Arts. Garnering attention from educators nationwide, the Shadowbox Live Academy is the most rapidly developing program at Shadowbox Live®. Catering to high school and college students, the Academy’s mission is to share knowledge gained in performance to help students discover, cultivate and apply their artistic abilities both onstage and off.

STEM Rocks the Box


STEM Rocks the Box
April 24th – May 1st, 2017
Showcase: Monday, May 1st 2017 at 7pm
Auditions: Tuesday, April 4th

STEM Rocks the Box is an annual show where students perform along side seasoned Shadowbox Live® Metaperformers before a real audience in a one-time sketch comedy and rock and roll performance. Through competitive auditions, 35+ high school students have the opportunity to experience what a professional at Shadowbox Live® does to prepare, practice and finally perform the Rock Arts.

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Shadowbox® Academy Summer Bootcamp


Summer Bootcamp
July 10-28th, 2017
Showcase: Friday July 28th, 2017 at 7:30pm
Auditions: Saturday, May 20th and June 10th at 2pm

The Shadowbox Live Academy Summer Bootcamp is a three-week arts intensive program for students ages 15 to 21 interested in exploring a career in the performing arts. Participants attend master classes in all four disciplines of the Rock Arts: singing, dancing, acting and musicianship, as well as arts administration, fiscal responsibility, wellness and professionalism.

Participation by application and audition only.

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Jake Mendel’s Video Testimonial

Internship Programs

STEM Rocks the Box 2014 - Photo by Studio 66

The Shadowbox Live Academy provides numerous internship opportunities, partnering with local educational institutions at the high school and collegiate level. Participating students receive intensive mentorship in areas such as business administration, costume design, culinary arts, etc. All students are accepted through an application and interview process, and each program is customized to fit the needs of the individual and organization.

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Pre-Professional Group

STEM Rocks the Box 2014 - Photo by Studio 66

In an effort to help students advance and perfect their mastery of the Rock Arts, the Shadowbox Live Academy takes mentorship a step further with the Pre-Professional Program. To be considered, the student must have successfully completed a Summer Boot Camp Session plus one other Shadowbox Live Academy program. Having shown exceptional talent and potential in their major discipline, these students are invited to participate in a Shadowbox Live® production.

The Pre-Professional Program is by invitation only.

School Partnerships

“(My students and I) were thrilled by the experience of watching your program, and many of them were moved…Thank you so much for making this opportunity available to us. We are so grateful to you!”

Dr. Martha Tepper
Ft. Hayes Arts and Academic High School, Columbus City Schools


Shadowbox Live® believes that collaborations and partnerships are vital to the success of any arts community. With it’s artistic programming, Shadowbox Live® adds educational components further engaging the community’s youth.

Student Matinee Performances

For select Shadowbox Live® productions, special 45-minute matinee performances are scheduled for Columbus City School students. Made possible by the generosity of Shadowbox Live® education sponsors and the Unified Arts Department, students are bussed in from around the city. Performances are held at Shadowbox Live® at 503 S. Front Street and include a talk back session with the performers and producers.

If you are an education administrator or teacher and would like to more information on student matinee performances, contact Stacie Boord at

“Thanks so much for a great performance yesterday. I thought it was fantastic and the students and teachers loved it. I really enjoyed how the alumni from Columbus City Schools were featured in the talk back. Thanks again for a well organized, great show experience!”

Ross Shirley
Unified Arts Coordinator K-12, Columbus City Schools

Arts Design Challenge

In partnership with the Ohio Department of Education, Shadowbox Live® conceived and executed the very first SkillsUSA Performing Arts competition for Career Tech students in the nation. The challenge requires students to select one piece of art; research and submit a one-page essay about the work of art; create a performance piece based on that inspiration; and present a marketing campaign for their performance piece. The challenge continues to gain momentum within Ohio and is now expanding to other states. This year, Ohio’s competition will take place on Tuesday March 28th at Shadowbox Live®.

“That (Shadowbox Live®) piloted this program is a testament to how they value the arts and nurturing young artists. It was especially rewarding to observe the caring and constructive feedback from the judges to the student competitors…National SkillsUSA is considering what we did in Ohio as a national model.”

Pat Huston
State Supervisor, Ohio Department of Education

Collegiate Efforts

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Shadowbox Live® is proud of its expanding partnerships with area universities. Partnerships include collaborative artistic creations, classroom discussions, professor consultations and the creation of coursework centered on Shadowbox artistic programming. Current partners include:

Columbus State Community College

Columbus State Community College and Shadowbox Live® have created the only course offered in the nation focused on artistic interpretation for American Sign Language students. Students receive feedback from the ASL instructor and Shadowbox Live® throughout the semester. The course culminates with two interpreted productions in front of a live audience with a large representation of the area’s deaf community.

“I would like to thank you and all of the Shadowbox family for the wonderful opportunity you offered our students. Throughout the semester, you and your team provided input, feedback, and guidance that was critical to our students’ success. Without your collaboration, our students would not have had such an amazing real-life experience.”

Christine Evenson
Professor & Program Coordinator, Interpreter Education Program

Ohio State University

Shadowbox Live® consulted with The Ohio State University regarding their original Dance Theatre Production based on the “Great Gatsby” entitled “Broken Whispers”. To set this production apart from many others – and to explore a literary classic with contemporary vision – the titular character was portrayed as, and by, a woman. Professor Donoghue, Professor of Literature invited the creative forces as guest speakers for his course that explores hypothetical variations on plot lines and character traits in classic works of American and European literature.

Shadowbox Live® is proud of its accomplishments thus far, but we can do more. Our commitment to the Columbus community is strong and with local corporate support, together, we can implement additional programs that provide opportunities for our youth to be happy, successful, contributing members of our society.

Past Partnerships Include:

CCAD: The highly acclaimed institution and Shadowbox Live® share a desire to meld the visual and performing arts by providing students with opportunities to learn broad fundamentals, work on collaborative creative concepts, and develop professional presentation skills. Shadowbox Live® has provided internships for both the Media Studies and Fashion Design Department. More recently, CCAD created a class specifically for our current show, “Which One’s Pink” where twenty students are showcasing their talents in video production.

The Ohio State University: As part of our 2015 international collaboration, OSU’s Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures offered two courses featuring our production of The Tenshu. Additionally, OSU’s Institute of Japanese Studies, Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures, Center for Languages and Literatures and East Asian Studes Center, hosted a lecture featuring our Japanese collaborator, Professor Hiromi Sakamoto of Kindai University entitled “Introducing Tenshu Monogatari – History, Diversity and Cultural Challenges of Japanese Performing Arts in a Democratic Context”. The lecture was very well attended and was an “exciting evening that marked an auspicious start of the IJS academic year!” Hajime Miyazaki, Acting Director/Institute for Japanese Studies

Kindai University: A course was offered at the College of Arts at Kindai University in Osaka Japan, where 8 students traveled to Columbus for two weeks (August 23rd – September 7th 2015) to intern at Shadowbox Live® and audit select Japanese courses offered at OSU.


Educational Advisory Board

Stacie Boord
Executive Director of Community Relations/Education
Shadowbox Live

Jim Bruner
Project Manager
The PAST Foundation

John DeSando
Film Critic

Miachael Heath
Executive Assistant to the Director of Community Relations/Education
Shadowbox Live

Patty Huston-Holm

Rich Rosen
Indigo Strategies, LLC

Sheli Smith
Director of Programs
The PAST Foundation


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