Shadowbox Live is a non-profit 501C3 performance troupe that self-produces a wide range of shows, as well as runs the company on a day-to-day basis.  The top managers of the company make up the Board of Trustees and operate as the primary creators, producers, and performers for the shows.

For over 20 years this creative force has produced world-class productions, including original rock operas, traditional musicals, fine art exhibits, contemporary dance, and video / television.  An ensemble company of dedicated performers, Shadowbox Live is a healthy, vibrant, self-sustaining arts organization.

Our Staff

Aldridge, Scott
Allen, Terry
Anderson, Brandon
Andes, James
Ankrom, Andy
Barrow, Jamie
Bickel, Jason
Boord, Stacie
Bowes, Lindsey
Brown, Daryn
Brown, Sermontee
Buchwalter, Matt
Campbell, Megan
Cardinal, Tom
Champer, Jenna
Cheaney, Chyna
Chen, Si
Cook, Brant
Cooper, Sarah
Crisafulli, Buzz
Crisafulli, Katie
Dahnke, Mark
Daniels, Michelle
Davis, Doug
DePetro, Billy
Dodds, Eric
Ebright, Cassi
Eyler, Samantha
Fagin, Nikki
Foreman, Mina
Fridenmaker, Kat
Frye, Donathin
Grandison, Noelle
Greco, Gina
Guyer, Gabriel
Guyer, Stev
Hahn, Matt
Haviland, Leah
Heimlich, Becca
Hribar, John
Jemmott, Guillermo
Kangas, Henry
Kao, Brian
Klein, Julie
Kozicki, Brian
Lambert, Brent
Lay, Amy
Lehr, Megan
Lillibridge, Blake
Logan, Ayana
Machado, Marcy
Mak, Jimmy
McDonald, Carrie Lynn
McFarren, Anita
Mills, Sharla
Moore, Kaycee
Mullin, Linda
Nance, Robbie
Neely, Erik
Parker, Edelyn
Pearce, Ashley
Pelzek, Aaron
Penn, Maurin
Phillips, Pauline
Psenicka, Katy
Rau, Brian
Rivera, Jonathan
Scheick, Glen
Schmitz, Tia
Shortt, Betsy
Shull, Stephanie
Singleton, Joseph
Smith, Brandon
Sweeney, Kevin
Tarantelli, Zach
Tomasacci, Lukas
Walker, Eric
Walker, JT
Walters Jr., Craig
Whitaker, Chad
Whitehouse, David
Will, Tyler
Williams, Sally
Wilson, Nick
Winkelman, Nickey
Wolfe, Harley
Woodruff, Brian

Shadowbox Live Advisory Board

Shadowbox Live’s Creative Team looks to its Advisory Board for advice on all matters from expansion to business opportunities to self-promotion to fundraising.  The Advisory Board is made up of Columbus professionals in a wide variety of fields.

advisory board president

Irene Adams
Community Volunteer

Terry Anderson
Columbus City Schools
Communications Specialist, Communications & Media Relations

Sally Blue
Fundraising and Event Consultant

Jim Bruner
The PAST Foundation
Project Manager

Ann Bryson
Fundraising Consultant

Bredan Buckley
Case Columbus Arena Sports & Entertainment
Vice President

Trent Coffman
Vice President, Branch Manager

Jim Coleman
Ruscilli Construction
Business Development

Tanya Curtin
Director of Customer Experience

John DeSando
WCBE 90.5 FM
Film Critic

Shoshanah Goldberg-Miller
The Ohio State University
Assistant Professor

Ralph Greco
The Ohio State University, Fisher College of Business
Director — Analytics Initiative

Bill Habig
Raccoon Valley Partners LLC

Betty Hill-Church
Columbus City Schools
Unified Arts Coordinator

Cameron James
Mills James

Laura MacGregor-Comek
Laura M. Comek Law LLC

Luis Machado
L Brands
Senior Vice President, Legal

Marcy Machado
Shadowbox Live
Assistant to the Executive Director of Community Relations/Education

Carol McGuire
CAM Associates, LCC

Bob McWilliams
Mills James
Manager of HR

Xenia Palus
Franklin County Clerk of Courts
Director of Communications

Rhett Ricart
Ricart Automotive
President & CEO

Richard Rosen
Indigo Strategies LLC

Sheli Smith
The PAST Foundation
Director of Programs

Jen Walker
Diamond Cellar
Marketing Director

Neal Weill
Neal J. Weill, Attorney at Law, LLC
Sole Member

Dave Whinham
The Team Sports, Entertainment & Media

Diana Wolterman
The PAST Foundation
Accounts Manager

Our History

The Shadowbox Live companies were born in 1988 when their first rock opera, The Dawn of Infinite Dreams, was produced in Columbus, Ohio.  The small cast participated in local productions of this show as well as monthly black box theatrical productions performed in The Shadowbox Theater, their converted rehearsal space in Columbus’ historic Buggyworks Building.

The small but dedicated troupe continuously altered the format of each new Shadowbox Live show and slowly but surely a small core of fans began to show their support, making suggestions and donations to the all-volunteer ensemble.

Recognizing the growth trend they were experiencing, the Shadowbox Live ensemble relocated to a raw warehouse space on Spring Street in October 1994.  Kitchen, bar, and seating expansions complimented the troupes commitment to producing a mix of theater, sketch comedy, and live music.

The years spent on the Spring Street saw exponential growth.  Performance schedules were increased to accommodate the growing patron base, and, as income would permit, performer/administrators were added to the company’s payroll.

Shadowbox Live was becoming a very unique commodity in Columbus and developer Yaromir Steiner saw the potential, courting the troupe for his Easton Town Center project.  A state-of-the-art facility was created for the troupe, who had plans to manage both the Easton “main stage” Shadowbox Live and the Spring Street theater; which was to be a training ground for its rookie performers. But on March 1, 1999, the Spring Street theater was destroyed by fire, rendering the space useless and the troupe homeless until construction was completed at the Easton Town Center in June.

Despite the devastating loss incurred by the fire not a single employee was laid off and not a single paycheck was missed.

In June of 1999, Shadowbox Live was up and running at the Easton Town Center, and once again production schedules were altered to accommodate audience demand.  Anxious to maintain a downtown presence, 2Co’s Cabaret, a more theatrical arm of the company was opened just 8 months later in Columbus’ trendy Short North district, where it remained until February 2006.

Equally anxious to prove that they had created a successful format that could survive outside its hometown, the company opened a satellite location in Greater Cincinnati in October 2001, giving performances until July 2011, when it closed in preparation for Shadowbox Live’s highly anticipated move back to Downtown Columbus.

In August 2011, Shadowbox Live relocated again.  This marked the culmination of a dream several years in the making.  Not only did the troupe return to what it considers its true home, downtown Columbus, but the theater now has enough space to accommodate both the ever-increasing audience demand and projected growth as Shadowbox Live looks towards the future.

Today Shadowbox Live is in a constant state of performance/production.  Audience demand is barely being met as the popularity of the troupe’s productions soars, necessitating a 52-week per year performance schedule.

As the company continues to grow and mature, Shadowbox Live is constantly looking for opportunities that will not only meet the needs of the talented staff and the growing audiences but allow the troupe to reach out to schools, work with local arts organizations and musicians, and offer convenient meeting space for local business and community organizations.

This latest endeavor follows a history of expansion and aggressive self-promotion and is indicative of the company’s founding ideals, now embodied by the 60-plus member troupe. As a goal-oriented organization the ensemble has earned its success and thrives on the challenges that lay ahead.

The company remains an utterly unique and completely performer-operated organization, where strong-willed, talented individuals shape their future through wily business sense, edgy entertainment, and a drive to never settle for what is, but to strive for what could be.

The Homecoming Donor Board

“…one of Central Ohio’s own great success stories… Shadowbox [Live] is one of the hottest commodities on the Columbus theater scene, performing its mix of quick comedy sketches and rock ‘n’ roll music to sellout crowds…”

Eric Lyttle, Columbus Monthly

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